Miron Glass Water Crystals

The father of water crystal photography is of Masaru Emoto, born on 22 July 1943 in Yokohama (Japan). As he was aware, that there is no two same snow crystals, it came the idea to demonstrate the quality of water on frozen water droplets and their photography. He commissioned a young researcher using a high-resolution microscope, to confirm this thesis. In the meantime, his Crystal images have gone around the world.

After his experiences, water has a memory and responds to treatments. Spring water forms beautiful harmonious and delicate hexagons, while the water hardly crystals are formed from the lower reaches of rivers. In his work, he indicates that the imagery of water is diverse. The pictures resulting from the study, shapes and appearances are not reproducible, so as the nature does not repeat itself. Chemical, biological, and physical qualities can not determine with this method. But he also believes that the water crystal photos can tell us something about information and energy content.

For our tests, water was bottled in three different in the types of glass apothecary bottles white, Brown and purple. A short term of 7 days and a central storage of 74 days were conducted. We once again indicate that the imagery of water is multidimensional and no scientific conclusions can be drawn.

Miron Glass


Storage test with tomatoes


Storage test with Chives





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