Miron Glass

For years Herbalists, Wildcrafters, and Chefs have discover the secret of using violet vitality glassware jars, enhancing ingredients and increasing vitality during storage.

MIRON violet glass (also known as Egyptian Glass, Violet Glass, Miron Deep Violet Glass) has the unique quality of being impermeable in the visible light spectrum from blue to red light frequencies which cause decomposition. At the same time violet glass is open to penetration of UVA, violet and IR frequencies, all of which provide positive health benefits.

 To enhance the health benefits of water in a Miron Glass Bottle, simply place the water filled bottle on a sunny window sill for a couple of hours. This infuses the water with the violet, UVA and Infrared frequencies imparted by the Miron Glass Bottle. The water becomes distinctly more silky and sweet. 


Although it appears black, when held up to a strong light you can see the deep violet color of this glass.

The secret of Miron Violet Glass is based on the fact that violet spectral range (720 - 770 Bio herz) permanently activates and energizes the molecular structure, and the healing energies of substances stored in the Miron Violet Glass does not "escape".


Miron glass offers:

* Protection from sunlight and all forms of visible light.

* Preservation and stimulation of the bioenergy found naturally in food and water.

* Highest quality of protection for long-term storage.

* Energizing effects on organic molecular life.

* Violet glass has been mentioned as being used by the early Egyptians, also known at that time as Egyptian Violet Glass.

* 100% recyclable.

* Looks great anywhere with its heirloom quality.

* Miron Violet Glass is reusable, and a wonderful alternative to plastic or steel containers.

Miron Glass


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